Life can  push someone into tunnels that are dark; Consuming darkness that is suffocating. There are days you just need that little light not from the sun but from the stars just to guide you. There are also days you kind of feel like you are heading out for burn out and you need to find a way to get out of your situation to get better.

Redécouvrir(Rediscovering) yourself is the act of reconnecting YOU to the totality of your true being; to what or who you really are. It is a beautiful world when you really know who you are and what you are about.
Many are the days we become the ideal person to others but not to ourselves. By this we lose who we really are, what we want and really need. Rediscovering myself is something that I am currently doing. Being someone who overarms herself with much information, this had to be part of a journey I had to research about as well as go through it to help me take total control of my life. We all need to.

When we are in pieces or having a hard time many of us tend to block our head or run away from the situation. Very few people embrace their pain and short comings and if they do, they do it because someone came along and picked up those pieces for them. They didn’t have to run away from themselves anymore. If someone saw them as something worth staying with— maybe they’ll stay with themselves, too. All in all, running a way from your pains will always get you back to the pain again and the cycle will always repeat itself. You never really get anywhere. All you do is ruin your life.

But I think one of the greatest moments in ones’ life is that moment you just go deep into silence and embracing loneliness so as to take the opportunity to really know you by yourself. The problem with human nature is that, we do like familiar things. We try and connect every occurrence in our life with something familiar to us to be able to cope. Mostly if we find one that cannot fit, we either take a risk or act out all over again. That is unhealthy as it shows an inner conflict. For true personal awareness to happen,you will need to deal with your personal unfinished business to free out the negative energy. By this you will realize that a little loneliness goes a LONG way in creating a richer, deeper, more vibrant and colorful YOU. A you that is at the present. Living the moment to love it and love the you that you are.

When you take time to pause and have a look at your life, you will come to realize what life has thrown at you and how it has built your personality. You need to assess the fixed attitude and patterns that make you land into various judgments, actions and the people you allow in you life. During this time one needs not to focus on who they wish to be or really who they need to be. For you to be the person you really want and need to be, you really got to embrace the present situation that you are in.

Take time to know yourself. Take time to know what you are about. Take time to pause and have some self analysis of what you have been trough and how that can mold you to being a friend to progress. Take time to enjoy you in your own space. You need to live life knowing the season you are at, the reason you are here and the resources you can use to get to where you need to be. Take time to enjoy you. And lastly take time to understand deep within yourself what you really want with yourself. Lift yourself. Make the choice of know thyself and love yourself more. With that you will have the greatest strengths that most people lack: Self discipline and self control.
You need to take a pause to be the you that you haven’t been for a very long time.
See you through yourself once in a while and learn to love yourself always.


The Sweet Poison

Yesterday after work I was in a rush to get home. My idea was to have a warm bath, cook some nice healthy meal, read my novel and go to bed (Exactly in that order). But when I got to the house at around 1842hrs, it was dark! Seriously? KPLC??? Do you need to remind us every now and then that you are the guys with power??? I could not cook using that candle light.( This just shows you guys that am yet to live that posh lifestyle of affording an apartment that has a generator in case of a black out. ) Anyway, since I couldn’t cook as well as eat take out, I went to the local shop and bought some fruits.
There is nothing like the joy of finding fruits with uniform attractive surface colour. I mean in my head I was sure Wanjiru was going have some tasty fruit salad. I got back to the house, took a bath and decided to prepare my fruit salad but the tissue inside the mangoes was unripe! This saying of don’t judge a book by its cover was perfectly fit for this!!! I was so ready for some juicy fruit! But shock on me. Just as KPLC had ruined my night, my fruits were not edible as well! I decided to take some slices of bread and some hot tea and slept. That night was just ruined.Artificial-ripening-of-mango.jpg
I remembered of my mum telling me to be cautious when buying bananas as most of the time calcium carbide is used to ripe them prematurely, This is done to increase the sales of the fruits. Using my little chemistry, I know that the reaction between calcium carbide and water (the process of how the fruits are ripened artificially), produces acetylene gas which is a weak or rather a mimic action of ethylene. See, ethylene is a small hydrocarbon gas and is a naturally ripening hormone. What I also know is that artificial ripening of fruits does not only cause a sad moment of realizing that you fruits aint tasty as the look but also Calcium carbide is a known carcinogen, a cancer-producing chemical, it has harmful effect of the liver and other parts of the body.

Now that it is true that all that glitters is not gold, Fruits that have a uniform colour are more likely to have been artificially ripened. When tomatoes are uniformly red, or mango, banana and papaya are uniformly orange/yellow, then Calcium Carbide may have been used. Therefore if fighting corruption is a challenge in the country how do we expect the stop of this artificial ripening of fruits? So here are some few personal tips to beat this; washing and peeling before eating the fruit could help in minimizing the health risks associated with the use of Calcium Carbide. It is better to cut the fruit into pieces, rather than to consume them directly. And it is not advisable to buy fruits when they arrive in the market before the due period i.e. early and offseason. Also if you drop fruits in a bucket of water and they float, this means the fruits especially mangoes were artificially ripened. The floating is because they contain less juice.
Now you’re in the know.

Quantity and Quality, is to be kept to constantly.

It is a high time Kenyans stopped surrendering to the momentum of mediocrity. We’re so used to leaders giving us mediocre services to the extent we make one heroic the moment they do the job they are paid to do. Matiangi has and is doing a good job in curbing cheating during examinations. However, what is the explanation to the poor performance of the KCSE students lately? Some may reason that the students were so used to cheating. However if services delivered in the education system were good we wouldn’t be experiencing this. images (12).jpg

Quantity is useless if its not of good quality! Free education in primary and secondary education is a good thing for achievement of sustainable development. However, as we are offering this ‘free’ services are we ensuring that the quality is right? Learning materials should be provided effectively and efficiently. Learning institution should be a place that motivates a culture to read and learn. Teachers should be rewarded well. The leaders should ensure that the schools have all they need for the students to excel.

Am not saying that the national examination is a measure of excellence but that is how our institutions have been placed and is it evidence through the many educated minds we have out here but they can hardly produce good results in the work environment. We need to change our education system. We need to create a system that helps students reason at an early age i.e primary schools, instead of this multiple choices that do not help students to critically think and sharpen their minds. Education could be the key to prosperity, the key to minds that can innovate if only its of good quality.

Parents also have a role to play in all this. What are you doing to instill knowledge and discipline to your kids? Or do we still have that stupid mentality that it is the work of the teachers only. How many parents insist on having a tour of the schools where their children school in, just to ensure their well-being is looked into. Parents need to demand delivery of good educational services! That is why we pay taxes. Do not seat there waiting for your ‘good leaders’ to deliver without you holding them accountable! How do you expect people who hardly use those services to hear your cry??
Wake up Kenyans and let’s change the game plan in our education system. We can do better if we all work together.

What Women Want

Many men and some few women recently have been complaining about the ‘extreme’ girl child uplifting. But before we are quick to complain about the very much attention given to women we need to look at the number of women at the bottom. I invite you to read this article with an open mind without judging the most prodded word, Feminism. This is a word that has been recently linked to hypocrisy, female superiority and ‘slay queen’. This revels how less we know about the word and how much we would rather have opinions about it than understanding it.4g_zlM2m.jpg

As a Community Development Expert, my approach towards feminism is that it was a revolutionary idea advocating for the; social, political economic and all other rights equal to those of men. Just because one believes in equality, it does not make them a feminist. Because equality in this case does not mean identical to, rather it aims in promotion of fairness and justice. In short, feminism is all about development and acknowledgement of the different gender roles. This helps in increasing productivity of women in order to improve their lives as well as that of their community at large.

We clapped back when much attention was given to the top KCPE 2017 candidate. But we keep forgetting that that was a celebration on the achievements and the fruits of empowering the girl child for we have come a long way since the 1970s. Gender equality should not only be viewed as a women’s issue but a human one. Real development would require us to understand and act. We need not to waste talents and opportunities over this issue and that is why some outdated ideas about men and women roles need to be dropped.

Women want more than just economic power, social influence, politics, and businesses. They want more conversations beyond gender because women need the world to change the way it perceives our strength as women.
Remember, Feminism is about Fairness and Justice.

Inspired from the 100 days Dream

I am dreaming of living in Calgary or someplace like Helsinki. I can only imagine the peace and the great atmosphere, the smell of that clean fresh air….am literally smelling the air but this brought me back to reality of  the  bad smell of my current city; Nairobi. I plan not to hate but I got to say things as they are. This place is dirty people! I would love to blame Sonko for the huge problems, big promises and little progress, but the governor didn’t make this place to get to this state. We the people of Nairobi did! Well I feel I might have to excuse myself. I am from Kiambu County. By the way speaking of Kiambu did you know there is a construction of a Semi Aerobic Landfill happening in Thika at a place known as Kang’oki? Now you know.

Now that we are on this topic, am I the only one who has noted that collection of garbage by the county is done well but limited to certain areas that are not ‘affluent’? Most poor homesteads and informal micro-enterprises are usually located near roadways, waste dumps or industrial areas. This people are exposed to pollutants and their health is something that should be of concern.  The constitution of Kenya, article 42 and 70 recognizes that every individual is entitled to a clean and healthy environment. The government should create a bridge in the growing inequalities and provide economic security and provision of equal services and resources.


The issue of Solid Waste Management in our cities is a conversation many have heard but I feel that we never go deep in understanding the cause and obstacles that hinder its progress. We first need to understand the Obstacles of Sustainable Development; Poverty and Growing inequalities which have contributed towards this challenge. Our cities are slowly becoming unlivable and very unsustainable. Solid waste Management means more than just cleaning the cities it means improving the economy and environment.

How can the county governments create technical expertise to provide their citizens with effective Solid Waste management? My take is that, they need to invest more on infrastructure and enforcement mechanism to ensure proper waste collection and disposal. We not only need more trucks to collect the waste, we need sanitary landfills, waste transfer stations and have illegal dumps removed. The operations might be expensive but they are innovative solutions for the long standing challenge.

It’s time we keep the things we love about our cities and change the things we don’t. Let’s take time in creating a green space which should be a major investment in urban planning decisions.

A Real Pluviophile.

That sweet earthy smell, the tiny droplets hanging on to leaves, the thundering sound of the rain and the beautiful sleep I get when its raining in the night- everything about rain is lovable. However, I have to admit that during the rainy seasons I keep wishing that somehow glasses would just come with little windshield wiper. lol(Dad, in case you get to read this, *lol* means laughing out loud)… Recently I moved into an area where the water is salty. The transition from living in an area where the water was safe to drink (Well not that safe because I had to boil it before drinking it), to an area where even after boiling the water, the water still taste like crap is not fun at all! Am forced to buy drinking water from the supermarket which I don’t trust is that safe too. It had been raining heavily for the past few weeks and I had the urge to ask my landlord to harvest the rain water. I mean, all that water was going to waste and there was nothing that I could do about it by then.  All this got me thinking about the Sustainable Development Goal 6. It made me remember about all the lectures I had in campus on water and how I could use that information because there is no point of learning if one doesn’t  develop the knowledge acquired into skills and use them to achieve goals.

We need to utilize the only primary source of water day by day due to our world struggle, the unrelenting Climate Change.  We have an overgrowing population and  shortage of water that is of good quality and quantity.  Access to safe and sufficient water is a basic human right in Kenya yet, we have a big problem where we suffer water shortage during the dry seasons. We also have some existing marginalized communities where the women and children in those areas walk for long hours and wait for hours to get water for domestic use. rwh_benefit

Did you know that storm water runoff (this is the water from the roofs and roads) produces way more water than the wells combined? The demand for clean water ought to be addressed and this can be done through harvesting of rain water. Imagine if we all in our homes and institutions would collect rain water from our rooftops. Wouldn’t that be a good sustainable way to handle this challenge? I also wish most of  the Kenyan homes or those of us with bore-wells would also have recharge pit to help in recharging the underground aquifers. Rain water harvesting is not hard and it saves a lot. Did you know water harvesting could be done from roads?  Are the roads in your local area effectively drained?  Do they preserve the neutral drainage pattern of the landscape to conserve water and also destruction of soil.? Do your local road encroach on wetland or riparian areas?

Economic maintenance of our roads means dealing effectively with water. That is why many people in Kenya find the rains anuisance since the roads are not well maintained. Having good drainage systems would not only conserve water but also be useful in harvesting rain water. Putting up water pans and dams is something that would also be resourceful in harvesting of water and also help in reduction of floods.. Devolution in Kenya could bring great opportunities in the water sectors if only we require our local leaders to deliver. It could greatly help in handling the struggle of developing, operating and maintaining well water and delivery systems that have proved to be expensive in the recent years.

Study your environment and the resources with in it, love it and stay close to it and it shall never fail you. This is a discussion that I would want to discuss more. You reading this could also educate me on other ways of harvesting rain water. Lets take time to learn and hopefully practice.

Emergency Response

We have developed a culture where pity is called compassion, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace and gossip is called news. I feel it’s a high time we reevaluate what aspects of life we put most value on as a society.  We have ‘elected’ leaders who would readily and urgently pass bills related to their own personal interest as opposed to what we really need as a society! Do we have to wait for people to lose their lives so that we can get some issues been looked into? The moment I noticed the deaths that have recently occurred from the transport incidents, I was quick to consult my teacher, Mr. Google about Emergency Response in Kenya. Guess what? We do not have an act or Policy in Kenya that attempts to mitigate unexpected occurrences in the transport sector. How careless and ignorant can we get!!! I have also learnt that the extension services in Kenya are also been slowly killed due to underfunding of this services. What was the whole point of being devolved if not bringing services close to the local people? Where are we failing as a society? Do we have a call for help to public emergencies?NAKURU-CHOPPER-CRASH.jpg

Emergency response is not only important in mitigation of impacts on Environment but the people as well. Action taken in the initial minute of an emergency are crucial, we need to have an emergency response that is effective to ensures safety, stabilization of incidents and minimization of potential damages in case of an accident. It’s about time we insist on having an emergency plan. Management of our resources does not end through choosing the leaders but also we need to keep them leaders in check. If I have to pay you, you need to deliver the services that I require most. I am not supposed to cry for help! This is not the time for the leaders to play their PR for the side shows! Kenyans you Need to Require the ‘Elected’ Leaders to Get the Job Done!

Devolution was not a system that was aimed at paving way for the grand thieves. There has been a lot of poor governance and misuse of government funds but we can change this as the public.  We need more civic education on devolution especially in the informal setting since we are yet to understand devolution. We need to; get services from our leaders which are of reasonable quality, to be protected and safeguarded from any potential harm. I choose not to be an echo. I use my writing voice! I won’t seat quietly and ignore our elected leaders getting a salary for a job not well done!

Emergency plan is a tick in showing the performance of a government. We need an emergency response act or policy that ranges from the national disaster, to hazardous materials problem and the transport incidents.