Emergency Response

We have developed a culture where pity is called compassion, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace and gossip is called news. I feel it’s a high time we reevaluate what aspects of life we put most value on as a society.  
We have ‘elected’ leaders who would readily and urgently pass bills related to their own personal interest as opposed to what we really need as a society! Do we have to wait for people to lose their lives so that we can get some issues been looked into?

The moment I noticed the deaths that have recently occurred from the transport incidents, I was quick to consult my teacher, Mr. Google about Emergency Response in Kenya. Guess what? We do not have an act or Policy in Kenya that attempts to mitigate unexpected occurrences in the transport sector. How careless and ignorant can we get!!! I have also learnt that the extension services in Kenya are also been slowly killed due to underfunding of this services. What was the whole point of being devolved if not bringing services close to the local people? Where are we failing as a society? Do we have a call for help to public emergencies?NAKURU-CHOPPER-CRASH.jpg

Emergency response is not only important in mitigation of impacts on Environment but the people as well.

Action taken in the initial minute of an emergency are crucial, we need to have an emergency response that is effective to ensures safety, stabilization of incidents and minimization of potential damages in case of an accident.

It’s about time we insist on having an emergency plan. Management of our resources does not end through choosing the leaders but also we need to keep them leaders in check. If I have to pay you, you need to deliver the services that I require most. I am not supposed to cry for help! This is not the time for the leaders to play their PR for the side shows! Kenyans you Need to Require the ‘Elected’ Leaders to Get the Job Done!

Devolution was not a system that was aimed at paving way for the grand thieves. There has been a lot of poor governance and misuse of government funds but we can change this as the public.  We need more civic education on devolution especially in the informal setting since we are yet to understand devolution. We need to; get services from our leaders which are of reasonable quality, to be protected and safeguarded from any potential harm. I choose not to be an echo. I use my writing voice! I won’t seat quietly and ignore our elected leaders getting a salary for a job not well done!

Emergency plan is a tick in showing the performance of a government. We need an emergency response act or policy that ranges from the national disaster, to hazardous materials problem and the transport incidents.



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